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What We Do

Our Dog Training Philosophy

As a certified professional dog trainer, my goal is to enhance the connection between you and your dog, and to bring out the best in the dog/human relationship. Using science, and the principles of behaviorism—specifically positive reinforcement—I will help communicate and bond with your dog.

I use relationship-based training, in which I focus on helping you communicate with and understand your dog. This lays a foundation for a relationship built on trust and cooperation, rather than one based on dominance. Since every interaction is a learning opportunity, consistency and patience are key. I am committed to science-based training, positive reinforcement, and treating you and your dog with kindness and respect. (AVSAB Position Statement On Humane Dog Treatment)

I believe that enrichment, allowing your dog to be a dog safely, is an important component to training and developing a bond with your dog.

The use of enrichment and positive reinforcement is fun for both you and your dog; play and ongoing training are important components to a happy, healthy relationship.

Let us help you bring out the best in your dog!

Hank, Dezra and Joanie, relaxing in the backyard