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Packages / Rates

Dog Matching Service: priced on a case-by-case basis*

Personal Consultation: $95*

Hourly rate: $95*
* travel fee may apply for locations more than 10 miles from my home in the Marietta/East Cobb area

Discounts (for those with rescued dogs that need some help)
10% discount for training rescued dogs and puppies—those adopted from a shelter, the Humane Society, or a reputable rescue organization. If you have questions, please ask.

Please Note: If you are (or if you work with) a rescue, shelter, or foster organization, and would like help with any of your "special needs" dogs: please contact me about special pricing.  I am also available to teach a variety of classes to fosters and volunteers regarding dog behavior, basic skills, puppy socialization, and/or enrichment activities. Enrichment activities that include mental stimulation and games can be very beneficial for heartworm positive dogs going through treatment. I am also available to work with foster animals and rescues by teaching a puppy class for new adopters.  Unfortunately, some puppies do get returned when they become “teenagers”—supporting puppy adopters with the proper training will help keep adopted dogs in healthy homes. Please contact me if you want to put a program together for your organization and I will work with you to customize a plan for your group.

Package Rates

Puppy package (limited to dogs 4 months and younger): $325 for 4 hour-long sessions, or $450 for 6 hour-long sessions

Training package:  $350 for 4 hour-long sessions, or $500 for 6 hour-long sessions

Welcome Home package: $450 for 5 hour-long sessions

Enrichment (Fun and Games) package:  $180 for 2 hour-long sessions, or $350 for 4 hour-long sessions


Descriptions of Services/Training Packages

Dog Matching Service:
If you are looking for a dog to adopt and want help finding the perfect match for you, your family, and lifestyle: I can help!
Adopting a dog is a commitment for the life of the dog.  I'll do an assessment of your lifestyle and family and work with local rescues and shelters to help you find the perfect match. Contact me to discuss your specific circumstances and I'll create a customized plan, just for you, that will help you find the dog that's just for you! Pricing will also be based on your specific circumstances.

Personal Consultation:
Since my goal in training is to build a relationship between you and your dog, it is important that we work together; as a result, I do not offer "board and training" options.  Rather, I will come to your home and work with you, your family, and your dog(s).  Ideally, every member of the household should be present for training sessions. We will initially meet so that I can learn more about you and your dog. We will discuss how to manage some of the behaviors you are concerned about and how I can help you moving forward.

Training Packages

All packages include an individualized training plan (excluding the Puppy package); package prices can vary based on indivudal needs and circumstances. We'll focus on these foundations:

  • the principles of learning
  • the importance of socialization
  • helping your dog keep an active body and mind
  • relationship building
  • how to manage your learning (and living) environment
  • Puppy package (limited to dogs four months and younger):
    Puppies are so cute, but they are work.  Successfully socializing your puppy, and learning how to interact with and teach your puppy, will lead to a strong, healthy relationship with your dog; I will help you form a foundation for this relationship. Ideally the first session will be prior to your new family member's arrival in the home, to help everyone start off on the right foot. In addition to the foundations mentioned above, this package includes:

  • potty training
  • crate training
  • impulse control
  • handling being alone
  • handling at a vet or groomer
  • preventing resource guarding
  • and some basic skills including touch, focus, sit, leave it, and/or wait
  • Training package:
    Not only is a well-behaved dog more fun to be around, you can take well-behaved pups with you to more places—thus enhancing your relationship. Whether you want to teach your dog basic skills or address a specific concern, I will create a customized training plan based on you and your dog's needs.

    Training plans include (in addition to the above-mentioned foundations): basic skills, confidence building and enrichment exercises.

    Some of the specific concerns I can help you with include:

  • jumping on guests
  • counter surfing
  • leash walking
  • fear (of noises, people, movement, etc.)
  • shyness
  • under-socialization
  • anxiety
  • hyperactivity / over-stimulation
  • resource guarding
  • leash reactivity
  • house training
  • crate training
  • impulse control
  • If the problem your dog is having is not listed, please feel free to contact me to discuss your concerns.

    Welcome Home package:
    Getting off to a great start with your new family member is an important step for success.  For a rescue, a successful transition from a shelter or foster home to a new home is important. We will meet initially for an hour to discuss the principles of learning and managing the environment prior to getting your new dog (this is the first of the five hour-long sessions in this package).   Once your dog is home, I will conduct an evaluation and personalize a training plan for you and your new dog.  We will work on some basic skills, improving your new dog’s attention and focusing abilities, building confidence, developing your bond, and identifying any potential problem behaviors, over the course of the four remaining hour-long sessions.

    Enrichment (Fun and Games) package:
    And for those of you just interested in teaching your dog some new tricks, playing some games, or just bonding with your furry friend, this is the perfect package. I'll help deepen your relationship with your dog through enrichment activities like sniffing, games, simple tricks and simple obstacles.  An enrichment session will include:

  • explanation of the principles of learning
  • how they can be used to help you teach your dog
  • And can include:

  • sniffing activities
  • games
  • tricks
  • dog parkour aka "urban agility"
  • whatever your dog enjoys the most!
  • Hank playing some games