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Who We Are

My name is Kris Hale, and I am a dog lover, teacher, certified dog trainer, rescue lover, former foster parent, and current rescue volunteer. I'll be the one guiding and helping you throughout the training and/or matching services process, and the one you'll usually deal with.

My husband Stephen is also a dog lover, rescue lover, and former foster parent, as well as my business partner. He helps with the administrative side of things: maintaining the website, often helping me at home with our dogs (see below for more info on each of them), and occasionally answering phone calls and responding to emails. He also gives guitar lessons.

We currently have three dogs, all of whom came from a local (metro Atlanta) rescue organization.

First came Dezra, our high energy, social butterfly who loves to play.  She is a foster sister extraordinaire, who has helped many puppies and shy dogs develop their canine social skills.  Dezra is also very bright and loves to learn and (usually) to show what she's learned—and here, you can see that she's earned her novice "trick dog" certification.

Dezra with her Novice Trick Dog certificate

Then came Hank: foster fail number one is a mama’s boy through and through.  He is very attentive and a great listener. And although he still has some separation anxiety, his confidence has grown tremendously over the years.  He too has earned his novice "trick dog" certification, and he's now earned his "novice" parkour title as well—nice going, Hank!

Hank with his Novice Trick Dog certificate

And lastly came Joanie, also known as Joan Jett. Unfortunately foster fail number two missed the important puppy socialization period, as she was living in a kill facility during those crucial months.   She has come a long way in overcoming her fearfulness, though, and she continues to grow each day.  She is working on building her confidence and trying new things.  She loves to go on long walks and explore local hiking trails with us, and snuffle mats are her favorite toy.

Joanie, sitting pretty


Kris' statement about rescue animals

I find that my heart is with rescued dogs and puppies.  Unfortunately, more than three million dogs are surrendered to animal shelters every year, and many of those surrendered to shelters are ultimately euthanized.  Many of these dogs lose their homes simply because of behavior issues, and many of those issues could have been solved through proper training and socialization.  Not only will training your dog help you to build a positive relationship between the two of you, but it is also fun!  Let me help you make the transition between "homeless" to "homed" easier for you, and for your new best friend.

We love each other!